The Egg


You are holding an egg.

Carefully you have just taken it from the carton and go to crack it over the sizzling frying pan.

Suddenly the egg drops to the floor.

You curse quietly to yourself.

You clean it up.

You throw it away.

You go to reach for another egg…

Now, think of what has just happened.

It was purely an accident, but it is significant.

Think of all that went into getting that egg to you, the many times it has been handled with care, from its very moment of first light, to inspection, to carton, to truck, to store, to shelf, to cart, to bag, to trunk, to carrying it into your house, to sitting and waiting patiently to give you the gift of it’s life for your meal.

And you dropped it…rendering it useless, pointless, insignificant.

I’m not trying to make you feel bad, just helping your awareness of the many gifts handed to you through the efforts of many throughout your day, even week, or perhaps a pandemic.

Have you handled with care the precious egg?


jason hewlett 

Leadership Expert * Virtual Keynote Speaker * Speaker Hall of Fame

The Promise


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6 thoughts on “The Egg”

    1. Thank you Louise! I am grateful to have you be a part of all of this through your continued encouragement!

    1. It’s amazing how often we let the little things pass us by. Thank you for the comment my brother.

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