The CEO’s NEW Promise

I Promise to do this pose even if there are less than 100 people watching and not even clapping…


“For companies to truly make good on their lofty promises, they will need Wall Street to embrace their idealism, too. Until investors start measuring companies by their social impact instead of their quarterly returns, systemic change may prove elusive.”

~ The New York Times


“Lofty Promises” made by today’s most successful CEO’s, such as Apple’s Tim Cook, Julie Sweet of Accenture, and the world’s wealthiest person, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, were recently proclaimed to a surprised public as the new standard of leadership in Corporate America.

What is the NEW Promise?

The New York Times reports:

“Business Roundtable issued a statement on “the purpose of a corporation,” arguing that companies should no longer advance only the interests of shareholders. Instead, the group said, they must also invest in their employees, protect the environment and deal fairly and ethically with their suppliers.”

To those born anytime after, say, 1970 this is a shocker, as it was assumed (at least by me) this type of policy was already in place!

A Promise to deal fairly and ethically?  

A Promise to invest in employees?  

A Promise to measure success by social impact rather than quarterly returns? 

Excuse the naiveté of those among us who already assumed this was part of the deal for doing business in this country, but how has this NOT been The Promise of every company since the beginning of time?

We should all take comfort that the greatest among us are finally getting it.

At least we can be grateful this proclamation to the world is now an actual Promise.


Question is: How will CEO’s keep their new Promise?  

Answer: Let’s Promise to hold them accountable!  


But it starts with us: We The People ~  

If we become the type of employees, entrepreneurs, and world workforce that does every job –


  • with The Promise to say something when we are too distracted to do great work (Read Inc. Article)



  • keep The Promise of showing up healthy, well rested, and ready to work! (Read Tuck Article)

….then perhaps some of these CEO’s, the Business Roundtable can fulfill this “Lofty Promise” and make the changes in our world that only they can make.

But they need all of us, individually, and collectively, to make a significant personal commitment, yes even a great and lofty PROMISE ourselves, to show up in every job we do every single time! 

How are you going to make and keep a greater Promise so it can be made and kept to you? 



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