The Break Dancing Maintenance Technician Promise


Recently I spoke in New Orleans to a wonderful group who had partied hard the night before I gave the Closing Keynote Speech. 

Although tired, they were still a very fun group and energized.

Everyone was talking about their peer who had revealed his incredible moves and “Break Dancing” at their evening party.  

They enthusiastically pointed him out during my presentation, so I stepped off stage to find him and we had a nice interaction, to the delight of his co-workers. 

He was a great sport as we talked about his not so hidden talents.  

I didn’t make him break dance in that moment, as it wouldn’t have been appropriate to force such a thing on a fellow performer (kind of like when people tell me to “do the Raptor! Now!!!”), but it was fun to see the joy his peers got from watching him be highlighted.

We are all Performers.

Our Promise to our Audience is to engage with them, interact, and help them realize they are great as individuals.

In Your Interaction with Your Audience, do you

  • Acknowledge their Greatness in front of co-workers and peers? 
  • Help them Identify their Signature Moves?  
  • Give them Clarity on how it works for them in business?  

As you can see from this video, audience members were shouting out how his Signature Moves as a break dancer affect his work as a Maintenance Technician. 

This is called The Promise of The Work Family – and wow, does this work family mean business when it comes to acknowledging one another.  I love it!  

How are you making this kind of difference on your team and with those you perform for?  

What is your Promise to Your Work Family and Audience?



~ jason 

Leadership Expert * Author * Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer

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2 thoughts on “The Break Dancing Maintenance Technician Promise”

    1. Yes, he did a little dance move near the end of the speech that was very cool, very good, and yes we need to encourage others so often. Thank you for your kind responses always.

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