The $10 Million Bonus


Imagine going to your annual holiday party with the expectations of a normal event: drinks, socializing, reminding your peers of your partner’s name…maybe even reminding your boss that you work there.

The executive team welcomes you, surprisingly hands you a red envelope, gathers everyone around to stand and listen to the usual speeches before getting the party started.

You are congratulated as a company for putting in the work, making it a great year, pushing to new levels and reaching a $3.5 Billion portfolio.

Everyone claps supportively and pats themselves on the back with a sense of pride, but equally one of those feelings of, “Yes, we did it, sure would be nice to get some of the fun that goes along with that.”

And then, out of complete shock, you are told that all 198 employees will be sharing a $10 Million bonus based upon tenure.

Open your red envelopes!

If this doesn’t get your blood pumping I don’t imagine what would.

This was the case on December 7, 2019 when St. John Properties did something every company who enjoys massive success should be doing for those that toil to make it possible.

The looks on the faces, the reactions in the video, are enough to bring anyone to tears.  This is life-changing for those present and so inspiring.



What I love about the way this is revealed is how it is said, by the Leader, Ed St. John himself:

“Everybody is important in this company, and everybody performs in this company, they really do…I steer the boat, but they’re the ones that run the boat.  They make it GO!  Without the TEAM we are nothing!”

What makes a Leader a Legendary one?

The Leader who recognizes, acknowledges, honors, and instills confidence, loyalty, and love in their employees.

These employees were not expecting this bonus, they were just doing their jobs, and doing them well.

These employees were pushing for the success of the team, no matter who got credit, everyone was on board!

Having IDENTIFIED and CLARIFIED their Signature Moves, each employee PERFORMED at the highest level, delivered their all, and MAGNIFIED their Promise as workers with their special gifts, as only they could.

As I teach in my keynote presentations through the legends of performance, EVERYONE IS A PERFORMER with a distinct Signature Move



The ICM Promise Process is once again proven in this case!

Any company in today’s workforce that wants to keep the best performers must:

IDENTIFY what will keep their employees engaged and performing at the highest level

CLARIFY expectations, mission, purpose and the company Promise

MAGNIFY the opportunities for employees to utilize their greatness while sharing successes to create loyalty by keeping Promises

Sadly, according to the AFL-CIO Labor Federation, most companies we see achieving high levels of success only spread the wealth around to the top tier, including CEOs receiving an average of 287 times the annual income of their workers.

How important to actually over-deliver on a Promise that isn’t expected by the employees, and keep a Promise to share the success among all who contributed!  What a novel concept.

But it has to come from the top – from Legendary Leaders.

I can just imagine the executive team reaching their goals for the year and saying, “Instead of keeping this for ourselves what if we keep a promise we made a long time ago as leaders that, if we ever reached this level of success, we would promise to honor those who helped us get there and share the wealth?  That would make me very happy.”

There is nothing in this world like making a Promise to yourself to bless the lives of others, accomplishing the goal, and then delivering on The Promise to those that don’t know you made that Promise.

To me, this is one of the best stories of 2019 and should become the standard by which any company experiencing this type of achievement can look to as an example of a Legendary Leader in business.

This is a Promise brand, this is a Promise moment, this is Promise Leadership.

Well done, St. John Properties, you’ve done what every great company can and should do, yet so few ever reach this level of integrity, loyalty, and admiration.



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6 thoughts on “The $10 Million Bonus”

  1. Thank you for including the video. I thought it was remarkable when I heard it on the news. It was such a blessing to see the live reactions.
    And, of course, I always live seeing videos of you sharing your incredible gifts.

    Christmas blessings,

    1. The video was so powerful, grateful they captured it and shared it. I would assume companies have done this and not let anyone know, however, I like that they can be an example for others to follow! Thank you for the kind words my friend.

  2. JASON – thank you for sending this. I read everything you write. I am going to share this with some CEOs and also tell them how I would recommend you as a speaker and entertainer for upcoming conventions. Saf and I are thankful that you are in our lives. Miss you.

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