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Gotta Hand it to United

A few weeks ago I posted a blog called, “The Promise United Never Made”. Wow did that stir up some strong feelings from the opposers, critics, and posers out there!  Haha. My whole point was simply that United Airlines only had it as a GOAL to make the customer experience be positive, that they never made any kind of PROMISE to us. Many people agreed with my assessment and the change in language, and how that shifts the strength of power in our words. And then others showed up shouting how promises can’t be guaranteed, it depends on the circumstance, as
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The Promise United Airlines Never Made

  Before passing my own judgments on what occurred with United Airlines and their incredible lack of customer safety, service, and offering of dignity to passengers from the recent debacle, I thought I’d better look it up on their web site first. What does United Airlines truly stand for? What is their Promise to the Customer? I believe any of us truly wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. Yet here it is, in plain English, a screenshot from their web site and Mission Statement called Customer Commitment!     A Commitment is a strong word, but not
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