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How A Funeral Can Change Your Business

This week my Uncle David Goates’ Dad passed away.  His name is L. Brent Goates, here is his beautiful obituary. I only knew this man a little bit, saw him at extended family gatherings throughout my life, he didn’t even know my name or who I was, but why would that matter?  He had many grand and great grandchildren to account for in the Goates family of extreme success and prosperity, and he was beloved, revered, and respected by all who knew him. Even though it doesn’t matter really to anyone but me that I’ll be at his funeral, I
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The Promise of Mentors

How do you TOP a year like 2016?  This has been one of those years that you dream about, where it seems all the stars align and you realize all the work you have been doing is finally taking shape and headed in the right direction. The challenge with reaching a new level of success is keeping the promise to yourself that you are now going to outdo it all from here.  The other problem is finding a new tier of mentors who can relate to your current realm and offer to help you take it into tomorrow. What is the
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