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The Disappointment That is Black Friday

    Did you get a black eye on black Friday? You and everyone else. Unless you were smart and stayed home, where more than 60% of shoppers turned online sales (from their phones!) into higher numbers than brick and mortar buildings can boast. Jeff Bezos of Amazon finally reached over the $100 Billion mark.  (Hey bro, I’m here for you if you need anything) This leaves Bill Gates at a “measly” $89 Billion.  The saddest thing I’ve heard all year. If you went to Macy’s, who sponsors that one parade we all watch muted because it’s too loud over
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The Promise of Gratitude

  As we celebrate the holidays forthcoming, especially with Thanksgiving upon us, may we make the promise to be grateful for all we have. Gratitude for health. Gratitude for family. Gratitude for blessings. Gratitude for trials which make us stronger, which make us more grateful for the good times. There is nothing more attractive than gratitude.  When I have served someone and they thank me to the degree that I want to thank them for how they thank me, that is the amount of gratitude I’m talking about.  Layer upon layer of gratitude, like a stack of donuts with raspberries
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