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The Warm Butter Cake Promise

The other night we went out for a night on the town for my darling wife’s birthday. The hour long wait to get into the hot spot was averted by the option to sit at the bar and have a full menu anyway, so booth become barstool night.  Hostess happily helped us find our way, cheery, helpful, engaging, young and fun. Quickly welcomed and asked what we want to drink by a fully engaged waiter who leaned over the bar, looking right at us, slight smile, said knowingly, “This seems like a special occasion – what is it?”  We affirmed
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Promise to The Business Family: AKA “The Team” (Part 1)

  Years ago, before I had kids, I was at a friend’s home and remember watching him with his little ones before sending them off to school.  The whole family put their hands in the circle, hand over hand, as they shouted altogether, “Gooooooo TEAM!” I thought: Well, that’s corny.  But cute, too. Now with my little kids we do the same thing, except we say, “We Are HEWLETT’s!  Hewlett’s Don’t Give Up!  Hewlett’s Do Their Best!  We Are Hewlett’s – ba-ba-bump-ba-bump-bump-bump!” (jingle for “We are Farmers…”) In other words, we have taken corny and added hokey to obnoxious and created
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