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The Signature Moves of Christmas

  When you think of the word “Christmas” what comes to mind? When I was kid it was way different than it is now. As a kid it was – What am I going to get? How much am I going to get? What is the latest I can go to bed and Santa will still show up?   As a parent it’s shifted a bit – What do the kids want? How can we afford it? Can we top last year? Did I forget to move the dang Elf again!? That kind of thing.   In this case I’m
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2017 Goals vs. Promises

  As the NEW YEAR approaches, what are the GOALS you are focused on accomplishing to really hit a home run this coming year? If you’re like me, you realize that sometimes GOALS aren’t enough. Call it what you will: Resolutions * Commitments * Goals I ask the question: “Why Set a Goal when you can Make a Promise?” I’m not saying Goals aren’t important – that would be ridiculous!  We all need to set Goals. But Goals are those pieces we can chop away at.  Usually Goals are associated with numbers, systems, projects. In that case, Goals are good.
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