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What Do Michael Jackson and Chewbacca Have in Common?

  Question: What do the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and Chewbacca, of StarWars fame, have in common? Answer: We expect one thing of them, that they keep their Promise – deliver their Signature Move – or else we wonder if we’re seeing the real thing. Even as he has been gone for 7 years now, if I ask an audience, “What was Michael Jackson’s Signature Move?”  They all collectively yell out, “MOONWALK!” Here’s my attempt to honor the Great MJ In 2015 audiences were breathless and ecstatic upon the arrival of StarWars VII The Force Awakens when Han Solo
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The Promise To The One

  We make promises to everyone. “I promise I’ll get that over to you by the end of the day.”  “Yes, I promise I will pick you up in time for dance!”  “I promise you, we will make it happen, you will get this sale, I will coach you through it, and if you can’t get it to happen I will stay all night until it goes through.  Trust me.” And of course people make promises to us as well. “Yeah, I promise the job will be done by the end of the week, you can count on me.”  “I
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The New Web Site – The Promise

Welcome to The New Web Site – The Promise The Promise is the “Jason Hewlett Brand”, it is the new push we are going with, the wording we have searched for as a team, finally properly defined, after 16 years of working on it. The Promise is all encompassing of every message you’ve heard me give: Signature Moves: How To Stand Out in a Sit Down World Limitless Head to Heart Commitment to Joy The Show: Live in Las Vegas & Father Time Under the umbrella of one word, PROMISE, you get all that I’ve ever spoken on, performed for,
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