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Oscars Mix Up: The Promise of Being Present

Following the biggest gaffe in Academy Awards history, PricewaterhouseCoopers launched a full investigation into the mix-up of the Best Picture envelope mishap.   (I was so wrapped up in what had happened from a Stage Performer’s perspective that I blogged HERE the night of the incident)   It was revealed there are two of the same card showing the winners names in the secret locked briefcases of those overseeing the stage production, with PwC workers on both sides of the stage ready to hand each presenter the appropriate envelope.  In this case it was Martha Ruiz, and managing partner, Brian Cullinan.  
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Jim Carrey: The Most Unappreciated Actor Ever

  Sully is now in theaters receiving rave reviews!  With the movie Philadelphia, and then Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks made the unprecedented transition in a little over a decade from comedies such as Bosom Buddies, Money Pit, and The Man with One Red Shoe, to two-time Oscar-Winner (1994-1995), quickly regarded as one of the most respected actors of a generation. The jump took a bit longer (20 years) for Robin Williams, as he transitioned into Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting (1998, Oscar-Winner), all the way from a legendary stand-up career, to Mork & Mindy, Popeye, and
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