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Thank You 2018

  As you look back on 2018 may I make a recommendation? Some of us will say, “Yeah baby!  That was awesome!” Others of us will say, “Holy heavens, I can’t believe it’s over.  Bring on a New Year!”  Wherever you stand, know that sometimes the most important thing we can think are simply thoughts of gratitude that we are still alive. Remember Thumper quoting his mother in Bambi: “If you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”   For us Hewlett’s we can say we are grateful we made it, and here are some highlights along the
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New Year, New You, Yeah Right

  You’ve been waiting for my “Don’t set GOALS this New Year, make a….” yeah, I think I’ve overdone that a bit on this blog. For which I apologize only to those that have unsubscribed from it being too much. For those that hang in there with me, I thank you and hope my posts bring you smiles, thoughts, new perspectives, and the occasional tear (either from sentiment or laughing a lot). You’ve probably heard or seen “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!” I don’t like that so much. Why?  Because it usually involves me in only my shorts standing under hot
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