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Valentine’s Day Promise

  Hey Fellas, Have you ever woken up on Valentine’s Day, gone to work, laboriously moved about your day, drive home in that zombie-like state, walk in the door, and suddenly you feel the familiar sensation of pit in the stomach meets despair? Yes, most of us have all been there. You forgot it was Valentine’s Day.  And there stands your partner, chocolates and card in hand for you, awaiting the gift you so thoughtfully remembered. You are stuck.  Or you can pretend you saw nothing, back slowly away and through the door, and run to 7-Eleven to grab some
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I’m Calling Out Humanity: The Promise to The One

  Here is a video of this post if you prefer to watch   My friend, perhaps the nicest person anyone’s ever known, Ken Day, died on Monday.  He had fallen a few days before when the train he was on jerked and he lost his balance.  Hit his head and went into cardiac arrest.  Bleeding on the train floor, his 13-year old grandson asked the only other person in the train for help and if she had a cell phone he could use.  “Don’t have one”, she said flatly, and stayed in her seat.  This boy then sat on
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The Promise of Community

  Tonight at the store we heard shouts of “Someone call 911!” As a crowd gathered my wife and I didn’t want to join in the scene of onlookers, but when we saw a baby boy on the ground and his father pleading in Spanish for help as store employees seemed to be standing around I ran over to see if I could help. Sadly I’m not confident in my ability to revive a child, and gratefully someone else took over as the father knelt beside the 1 year old boy. Realizing I wasn’t helping, and not wanting to crowd
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