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This One Made Me Laugh

Some stories you just can’t make up.     I talk about the importance of loving one’s family, but also know not everyone is having success in that department. This news article made me laugh out loud in both the silliness of it, as well as feeling sad at the same time for this guy. Comedy is Tragedy, and this is a bit of both. Hope you’ll Promise to love your Family. Thanks to FOX13 in Utah for this story.   ~ jason hewlett Jason Hewlett, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, is a Keynote Speaker for
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The Promise of Congruence On & Off Stage

  When I was a kid I met my hero, a basketball player who is in the Hall of Fame now, and at the time was the epitome of all I wanted to be in life. I collected his jerseys, wore the same brand shoes as him (before that was a thing), and collected every basketball card ever made about him. The time came to meet my hero.  He was there to sign our memorabilia. I went up to him, asked if he would be willing to sign my stuff… And he refused. He said that he was under contract
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The Promise To The One

  We make promises to everyone. “I promise I’ll get that over to you by the end of the day.”  “Yes, I promise I will pick you up in time for dance!”  “I promise you, we will make it happen, you will get this sale, I will coach you through it, and if you can’t get it to happen I will stay all night until it goes through.  Trust me.” And of course people make promises to us as well. “Yeah, I promise the job will be done by the end of the week, you can count on me.”  “I
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