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The Promise of Self-Preservation

  As the physical therapist strapped weights to my forehead pulling back, and weights to the stem of my neck pulling forward, he looked at me and asked, “How long are you going to keep hurting yourself?”  It had been 6 months of intense fixing: chiropractors, yogis, personal trainers, physical therapists, and anything I could justify trying to keep getting on stage, save becoming addicted to crippling and numbing drugs. It wasn’t just the body falling apart, it was my voice as well. Coming off stage with nothing left, the pain was too much.  But at least the audience was
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The Actor’s Promise

  I talk about Jim Carrey a lot.  As in I refer to him in most speeches, shows, in blogs, and in every coaching/training for perfomers. The man is a genius. The man is polarizing. You very well may hate him, but I love him, and this is my blog. More people say I remind them of Jim Carrey than anyone else.  There couldn’t be a greater compliment for me professionally. Even my Kindergarten teacher phoned my parents when “Ace Ventura”, Jim’s first movie, came out, and said, “This actor stole your son’s routine!”  That’s a true compliment. For the
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Jim Carrey: The Most Unappreciated Actor Ever

  Sully is now in theaters receiving rave reviews!  With the movie Philadelphia, and then Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks made the unprecedented transition in a little over a decade from comedies such as Bosom Buddies, Money Pit, and The Man with One Red Shoe, to two-time Oscar-Winner (1994-1995), quickly regarded as one of the most respected actors of a generation. The jump took a bit longer (20 years) for Robin Williams, as he transitioned into Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting (1998, Oscar-Winner), all the way from a legendary stand-up career, to Mork & Mindy, Popeye, and
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