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The Promise to Our Nation

  Happy 4th of July and celebration of The Promise to our Country & Nation. What is your promise as a citizen of the United States of America? The other day I cried my eyes out in utter joy watching the new documentary film of my childhood hero, Mr. Rogers, in the movie about his life, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”   I can’t recommend a movie more. It is the perfect film to watch while pondering our responsibility and promise to humanity in making the world a better place. With this in mind, I invite you to put it
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What is Your Company’s Signature Move?

  I am typing this blog post on an Apple MacBook Pro, even though there is another laptop company with my last name on it. You are wearing NIKE, Reebok, or Adidas shoes because that’s what you’ve worn since you were a kid, but I prefer Altra. I am drinking from a Maverik cup, since that is the only gas station I buy gas and drinks from. I’ll park 200 yards away in a Costco parking lot just to shop there and buy more than I need. Your Under Armor workout clothes make you feel buff, whereas my Lululemon make
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