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The Promise to The Family: Personal (Part 2)

  Welcome to Part 2 of The Promise to The Family   (If you missed it, CLICK HERE for Part 1: The Business Family: AKA “The Team”)   There are 2 types of families: Personal & Business On a Personal level, there is a FAMILY for which we work, stay disciplined, and bring home the bacon.  This may be your family in your home, comprised of spouse, kids, pets.  For others the Family may be paternal relations, or perhaps dear, dear friends who make up roommates and associates.  And then there are communities, could be religious, health, or those with
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Promise to The Business Family: AKA “The Team” (Part 1)

  Years ago, before I had kids, I was at a friend’s home and remember watching him with his little ones before sending them off to school.  The whole family put their hands in the circle, hand over hand, as they shouted altogether, “Gooooooo TEAM!” I thought: Well, that’s corny.  But cute, too. Now with my little kids we do the same thing, except we say, “We Are HEWLETT’s!  Hewlett’s Don’t Give Up!  Hewlett’s Do Their Best!  We Are Hewlett’s – ba-ba-bump-ba-bump-bump-bump!” (jingle for “We are Farmers…”) In other words, we have taken corny and added hokey to obnoxious and created
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What Do Michael Jackson and Chewbacca Have in Common?

  Question: What do the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and Chewbacca, of StarWars fame, have in common? Answer: We expect one thing of them, that they keep their Promise – deliver their Signature Move – or else we wonder if we’re seeing the real thing. Even as he has been gone for 7 years now, if I ask an audience, “What was Michael Jackson’s Signature Move?”  They all collectively yell out, “MOONWALK!” Here’s my attempt to honor the Great MJ In 2015 audiences were breathless and ecstatic upon the arrival of StarWars VII The Force Awakens when Han Solo
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