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The Evolution of Signature Moves

Confession: From 2006-2018 I had no idea I was harming people. The message of “Signature Moves” started out innocently enough as a message to help others recognize their talents, gifts, and skills. What I hadn’t realized was that, as Speaker and Performer, I was a surgeon of the mind and heart for the listener! Standing on the stage I would perform the “Signature Moves” of great artists, a nearly spot-on impression, make the audience laugh, and then ask the probing question: “That was their Signature Move, and you have yours, too.  What is it?  You must find it and share
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How’d He Get In The Speaker Hall of Fame?

                          “Your son has some, well…. challenges,” the teacher began. “Such as,” asked the mother. “Well, reading is an issue in multiple areas, especially out loud and comprehension.  Same with math, the concepts just aren’t working in his mind.  His writing is compromised and his handwriting is illegible.  He seems fine with social skills and making friends, but we are a bit concerned he is doing odd things with his face and mouth which are distracting to others,” she continued. “What can we do to help him?” the mother inquired. “We recommend
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