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The Honor of Service: Officer David Romrell

    This past week I performed at an event every day. Decembers are like that. However, this December has been different. A few corporate dates sprinkled in between some very heart-wrenching charity work and service. It is a privilege to be asked to lift the wounded through music, laughter, and message.  Yet it can be equally daunting when it’s for such serious and powerful moments for those grieving. I shared the following posts on Facebook regarding being asked to sing a Bruno Mars song for the funeral of fallen officer, and former Marine, David Romrell.   Video from this
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How A Funeral Can Change Your Business

This week my Uncle David Goates’ Dad passed away.  His name is L. Brent Goates, here is his beautiful obituary. I only knew this man a little bit, saw him at extended family gatherings throughout my life, he didn’t even know my name or who I was, but why would that matter?  He had many grand and great grandchildren to account for in the Goates family of extreme success and prosperity, and he was beloved, revered, and respected by all who knew him. Even though it doesn’t matter really to anyone but me that I’ll be at his funeral, I
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