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The Promise of Your Best Work

  What is your level of care when it comes to your work? The lady who swiped my card at the store today: she’s just doing a job, didn’t even bother to say hello or converse when I tried to engage with her, just looked down and away.  Luckily there was the storefront manager-turned-bagger who walked up, with a smile, and saved the day with friendliness. So I ask in a different way: What is your Promise of Your Best Work?   There is a certain restroom I find myself in every trip heading out at my hometown airport.  For
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How A Funeral Can Change Your Business

This week my Uncle David Goates’ Dad passed away.  His name is L. Brent Goates, here is his beautiful obituary. I only knew this man a little bit, saw him at extended family gatherings throughout my life, he didn’t even know my name or who I was, but why would that matter?  He had many grand and great grandchildren to account for in the Goates family of extreme success and prosperity, and he was beloved, revered, and respected by all who knew him. Even though it doesn’t matter really to anyone but me that I’ll be at his funeral, I
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The New Web Site – The Promise

Welcome to The New Web Site – The Promise The Promise is the “Jason Hewlett Brand”, it is the new push we are going with, the wording we have searched for as a team, finally properly defined, after 16 years of working on it. The Promise is all encompassing of every message you’ve heard me give: Signature Moves: How To Stand Out in a Sit Down World Limitless Head to Heart Commitment to Joy The Show: Live in Las Vegas & Father Time Under the umbrella of one word, PROMISE, you get all that I’ve ever spoken on, performed for,
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