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The Promise of The Descent

  My Friend,  You have had an incredible year.   Perhaps the greatest year of your life and career.   You stand proud on the top of the mountain, able to see your great accomplishments surrounding you, joyously lifting you up, to know you gave your all in a most harrowing ascent is your reward.   Where do you go from here?   Do you remain on the peak, savoring the goodness and awaiting the inevitable storm that will roll in?   Or do you safely descend, to the valley of home, and return to your loved ones, whole, well, different, and transformed?   As this
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The Descent: The Greater Ascension

  As I sobbed into the phone from the summit of The Grand Teton, following a 24-hour long arduous trek to get to the legendary craggy peak, I left a message for my family in both gratitude for their help with my preparations to ascend, and also mixed with terror at the thought of what I had just accomplished. It wasn’t until the moment I stepped foot off the top of the mountain to begin the journey home that I realized The Descent is more important and dangerous than any Ascent. Every mountain climb has an Ascent and a Descent.
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