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John B. Hewlett, Legendary Performer

  In June 2018 I had the unique opportunity to speak to the Million Dollar Round Table with over 15,300 in the audience in Los Angeles, CA. I had submitted my name for 17 years to get on their stage and it finally happened. What the audience didn’t realize is that I was very familiar on a personal level with their company and industry due to my father’s work in my youth. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share a story like this, as well as have my father in the audience. Hope you enjoy, and don’t just read this
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The Promise of Family First

  Today Phil Mickelsen, in the prime of his illustrious golf career, has withdrawn from the the U.S. Open. Not due to weather. Not because he’s having back pain. Because his daughter, who is class president, is graduating from high school, and giving the commencement speech. The U.S. Open is in Wisconsin.  Even with a private jet, Mickelsen wouldn’t be able to race from his daughter’s Carlsbad, CA speech to make his tee time. What makes this decision even more amazing is reported by ESPN, “Mickelson holds the U.S. Open record with six runner-up finishes, and it’s the only major
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Father Time 2.0

  Just in time for Father’s Day this weekend we have released my “Father Time” NEW recording, as completed at the VidAngel studios with DryBar Comedy a few weeks ago.  I blogged about it HERE. You’ll relate to my singing “I Will Wait” by Mumford & Sons as I patiently make the kids gather their stuff; You’ll laugh with the Family Prayer and Bedtime Song (Metallica) routine that has become one of the most favorable requested routines I’ve ever written for the hilarity of nighttime rituals; You’ll enjoy the Daddy Dinosaur, AC/DC, Adele, “Shut Up’s a Potty Word to Me”,
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