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What We All Have in Common with Clark Griswold

    In the Christmas Classic, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, Chevy Chase plays the infamous Clark Griswold, a character of such heartbreak and struggle, who is also eternally optimistic and always makes light of the toughest situations, that fortunately makes us realize our life is ok. When he loses it there is a good reason.  In the first “Vacation” movie, Wally World was closed.  Certainly I can relate to his blow up there, especially after our crazy RV trip across the US this summer.  In the third installment, this about the holiday season, Clark has not only been planning on
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How To Add Meaning To The Holidays

  I’m a dreamer and a big believer in the thought of Christmas. 2 years ago I flew my family, and extended family, to Kauai for Christmas.  It was an incredible trip spent at the home of one of our dearest friends.  Christmas Eve we found ourselves singing carols on the beach at Poipou while flying a kite in the warm weather, kids splashing in the water, and then attending the most amazing Hawaiian non-denominational church service in celebration of the night.  It was so special. Christmas morning the kids came rushing in to the living room and gathered around
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The Promise of Gift Giving

    It was January 29, 2001, the one month anniversary of our first date (when you’re in love you celebrate those things). I took my soon to be fiancee, and eventually wife, to a concert I knew she would love and should confirm for her that she had the same feelings I did.  It was Billy Joel & Elton John.  We were about row 10, incredible seats, my ego sky high. Before the concert I said that I had a gift for her.  Reaching around the seat I revealed the present that would go on to live in infamy
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