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Your Business is Your Promise

  Are you confused? Daily I receive comments and questions as follows, both from dear friends and past clients: “So now that you’re not entertaining anymore, what do you do when you speak?” This seems to be a trend and I’m sorry I’ve not communicated this well with so many. When people think of Keynote Speaker they must imagine me standing at a podium/lectern giving the most boring lecture in the history of lectures, using PowerPoint with graphs, charts and diagrams. Yes, that would be a terrible thing for sure. Are you one of those who are confused by what I
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The Promise to The Family: Personal (Part 2)

  Welcome to Part 2 of The Promise to The Family   (If you missed it, CLICK HERE for Part 1: The Business Family: AKA “The Team”)   There are 2 types of families: Personal & Business On a Personal level, there is a FAMILY for which we work, stay disciplined, and bring home the bacon.  This may be your family in your home, comprised of spouse, kids, pets.  For others the Family may be paternal relations, or perhaps dear, dear friends who make up roommates and associates.  And then there are communities, could be religious, health, or those with
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