The Promise To Do The Little Things

What a ridiculously low fill up at the gas station! 


Have you ever rented a car for a couple hundred dollars, only to realize you didn’t need to rent one since you barely put any miles on it?

As you’re returning the car you realize the tank clearly says FULL, and you can in complete honesty say, “The tank’s full”, if they ask.

I realized I had this simple devious thought and then it occurred to me this is breaking the Promise to myself to always do the little things that matter, even if it is something of a pointless fill up worth just over $1.00, it means something to the rental car company.

But it means more to me.

Whether it is cleaning up your hotel room so the housekeeper doesn’t come into a disaster, or seeing the dishes that are still out as you hurriedly pass through the kitchen and realize you can do them in under 5 minutes, perhaps it’s just calling your Mom to see how the week was, or telling your spouse they look beautiful today – to live an amazing life of integrity, honesty, and self-respect, we must promise to always do the little things.


~ jason


Jason Hewlett, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, is a Keynote Speaker for the largest corporate events in the world. His primary message, The Promise, is essential for Leadership, Management, Sales, Marketing, Direct-Sales Companies, and is a combination of engagement and entertainment meets inspiration.  Jason has even received standing ovations from IT guys.  He has been acknowledged as life-changing by Conference Attendees, C-Level Executives and Hollywood Elite.

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