Notice The Little Gifts


What a wild 2 weeks it has been!

I hope you can feel my prayers that you are well, healthy and safe.

I woke up this morning to consider what to write in this Blog as a best effort to engage you, uplift, connect, and began focusing on all of the challenges that continue to weigh on my mind, of which I figure must also weigh on yours.

And immediately reflected on what happened this past week in terms of the many amazing little gifts others did for our family.

We’ve never experienced anything quite like it, in terms of quantity, and were brought to tears multiple times by the kindness of others.

I have listed some of what we received below, along with a

Stay At Home LIST of IDEAS for SERVING

Some of what we received, unexpectedly, gratefully & surprisingly, were as follows:

  • A bag of electronics from our I.T. friend who always helps us with our printer after he did a virtual call to get us reconnected for printing the kid’s school assignments, and then when he found out I’m working remotely and missing a few cables… he doorbell ditched us, leaving all the cords I needed!
  • Multiple webinars and phone calls with professional webinar/Zoom peers who helped me test sound, lights, and even a dear friend who GAVE ME his webcam since they’re sold out on Amazon!
  • A stranger offering his Rodecaster Pro on the local classifieds who lowered the price so drastically I could buy it immediately to begin a podcast and other recordings for my business!
  • A box of a dozen Donuts on our porch, from one of my lifelong friends and their family, them having eaten 6 for their family, and leaving 6 donuts for our family of 6, with a note: “Let’s split this box and hope it brings some smiles!”
  • A visitor as messenger with an envelope of CASH from someone who asked to remain anonymous in our neighborhood!
  • My Dad stopping by, as he ran errands before the full lockdown, playing an ‘Uber-Eats Driver’ for a day, with TacoBell for our children dropping it off at the curb!
  • A handmade card from a one-time audience member encouraging me and sending best wishes at this time, who offered the card to be reused if I’d like (from the amazing Stampin’ Up company, a former client)!
  • 2 Coaches donating their time to go over my latest projects and web site design before launch helping me get things ready and telling me what to fix!
  • Multiple texts from peers, friends, and family sending encouragement, asking how they can help and uplift.
  • A charitable organization asking if it would help us have our pledged monthly donations suspended until things come back around!
  • The CEO’s of 2 of Utah’s largest financial institutions (past clients) emailing me back to let me know our best options when I emailed to find out their best suggestions and route to navigate this uncertain time!
  • A friend who mailed me their entire workbook from a conference I couldn’t attend this past month!
  • …and so on and so forth.



There were so many Little Gifts this week that are Significant Gifts – it’s hard to keep track!

And we are so grateful.

So I sat down with my family and we wrote all of these out.

They came up with more I didn’t even know about, which had happened in their lives.

And then we established a plan to do the same for others this coming week – and have posted it on the kitchen wall.

If you have received, and feel the desire to Give & Serve right now, here are some ideas we came up with to give back at this time, since we have extra time to do so.

Stay At Home LIST of IDEAS for SERVING

  • Choose someone in your Neighborhood to brighten their day and leave something kind on their doorstep
  • Call 3 Friends or Family members over the age of 60 to tell them how much they mean to you
  • Buy the latest product a musician, author, or friend is selling
  • Write a Review for 3 Businesses you enjoy
  • Write a LinkedIn or Facebook Review of your favorite people to follow
  • When baking bread, cookies, or other at home, make one extra batch and give to a Neighbor
  • Write a Letter to encourage a friend you’ve noticed is struggling
  • Subscribe to a Magazine if you receive their weekly newsletter and haven’t committed yet
  • Help your kids write a nice Email to their Teachers to say Thank You for the extra efforts
  • Reach out to healthcare workers, and others who are working overtime to keep us safe at this time, and see how you can serve their family directly

The ideas are endless.  What are some of yours?

It’s important to:

  1. Write Out Your Ideas with Family
  2. Decide on your Top 3 for This Week
  3. Promise to Act

If you have other ideas of what you’ve done, or are promising to do, give & serve, please share them below.

I am also working on a 24-Point Checklist for WFH (Work From Home) Parents that I plan on sending out quite soon.  I hope it comes in handy and at just the right time to assist you.

How can you uplift and give at this time?

For how we react and adjust during this moment in world history may very well define our legacy.

What do you Promise to do today?


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The Promise

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8 thoughts on “Notice The Little Gifts”

  1. I look forward to your post every week by this one especially! We are all in this together and it was a nice reminder that we all have something to give! Let’s give it! I especially liked the part about a 1/2 eaten box of donuts!

  2. Great stuff, Jason. As this epidemic/pandemic hits employers and employees, and employment security is shaken, I appreciate your ideas – and those of others like you – who encourage social connection – not isolation – while maintaining PHYSICAL (not social) distancing. Your approach is very helpful as I advise employers and employees how to handle their fears and actual risks (not necessarily the same thing), especially folks in specific kinds of occupations that require contact with infected, or potentially infected, people.

    Jason, as always, I love your upbeat AND practical approach to our (temporarily) troubled times while we keep moving forward. Thank you for encouraging a “this too shall pass”* attitude [*mantra traced to the works of Persian Sufi poets, such as Rumi, Sanai and Attar of Nishapur – FYI 🙂 ] while we keep lovin’ our neighbors!

    Keep up the good work, my friend.

    ox Thomas

    1. Great thoughts, Tom, thank you as always for your comments and may God’s blessings uplift you at this time.

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