No. 15 Scores


No photos of this one, but I witnessed something beautiful this afternoon.

You know, when special moments are shared on the news because they’re the feel good kind?

That’s what I saw, in person.

My son’s middle school basketball game.

Things weren’t going well for the opposing team, as we played on their home floor.

Suddenly, a boy was substituted into the game and immediately missed a shot quite badly.

Looking closer, it became apparent this young man had physical disabilities, and didn’t for one moment allow it to slow him down from competing all out and sharing all of his wonderful abilities.

He got the ball again, and this time a kind of miracle happened – without any coaching from the sidelines, our boys just naturally understood what to do: they cleared a path for the boy to shoot.

He missed.

Our player rebounded it, and then, yes, handed it to the opposing player, No. 15, as the young man in full determination, missed again.

On the way back down the court there was no stopping him this time, as both teams, and the parents, refs, everyone was cheering him on to get his shot.

He shoots!

We collectively hold our breath!

He scores!

The whole gym goes bonkers.

Players on both sides high-fiving, shouting, joyful – Congratulating this young man for his ability in a most moving moment.

Tears flowed for those in attendance.

This is the kind of thing you only see in movies and it was something we witnessed this night in beautiful Utah.

I don’t know if video was well captured, even on my attempt to live-stream the game to those at home due to the pandemic via Zoom on a poor cell network as wifi wasn’t available in the building.

But stories have been passed down through generations without video, photo, any way to capture… just with words.

Tonight I was left with no words, watching the pride and determination of this young man’s face as he came back down the court in celebration;

To see young men on both teams keep an unspoken promise to be kind and do the best thing for the greater good and this game, for this young man’s moment and life.

I hope these boys don’t forget their participation in a magical moment.

As a spectator and parent, proud & grateful don’t seem strong enough words to express what we witnessed.

Perhaps the best word is LOVE.

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jason hewlett 

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6 thoughts on “No. 15 Scores”

  1. Thanks Jason, capturing and sharing this sweet story with us is such a welcome contrast to what we’re seeing out there right now.

  2. Thank you for the beautiful story. A similar thing happened with my son a few years ago. Six weeks after his 11th birthday the Church changed the age that a boy moved out of primary. All of a sudden he was this little 11 year-old thrust in with boys much older than him. When church ball rolled around he was hopelessly outsized with boys that were at least a foot taller than him (not to mention my boy is not really a sports kid). In spite of the difference in skills and size he tried his best. Toward the end of the game, his team decided he needed to make a basket. They all rallied around him and had him stand in one place every time to try and make a shot. The other team picked up on what was happening and no longer tried to block him, and even helped him get set up. Each time he shot everyone watched with baited breath. After several attempts my boy finally made a shot, everyone cheered. I still tear up seeing the joy on his face. You could have asked him to run a marathon and he wouldn’t have doubted his ability to do it in that moment. His team gave him a gift that day that I will never be able to repay. Thank you to all those parents out there working hard to raise good children. Your efforts pay off.

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