May 10, 2020


Your continued response to what you’d like me to send you during this quarantine life has prompted this week’s post, along with it being Mother’s Day.
You want to know what has been requested?
“We Want to Hear YOUR Original Songs Singing in YOUR Own Voice!”
That is very kind of you to ask if I have a voice outside of all the voices I can do…
Once in a while I’ve posted my own songs, but I’ve been very hesitant my entire career – for personal reasons.
I’m posting here one song that is from the past, as I begin to truly now commit, and keep a Promise to The One (myself), and brave recording my own songs in my new studio setup as I move into this new phase of life – which will be coming soon.
The song linked above is a Mother’s Day message from 2018 that received a very positive response, even without it being a professional studio setup, and I hope you enjoy.
HERE is the original post about The Promise of celebrating a
Mother’s Day Week
that resonated with many, if you’d like to read that today.
More to come in terms of singing my own songs….
And a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to EVERY Woman on Earth, whom I Believe are God’s Divine Gift to this World.
~ jason
The NEW Virtual Promo Video from our Home Studio is taking the world by storm with JOY and Laughs as we satirize the challenge we face, as a Family, to shift Daddy’s business from Speaking on Stage to Speaking from Home.
Shared over multiple platforms this past week by many amazing people, hundreds of comments have come pouring in about how much everyone loves this video.
Our hope, as a FAMILY, is that you might share it too and hope it leads to my sharing a message to those you work with, in a time when so many need some SMILES & HOPE, all while adapting to our new lives.
The Hewlett Family THANKS YOU!


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The Promise

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