Lottery What If…


What if you WON THE LOTTERY?

We are talking Millions of Dollars.

On top of a Pandemic and world crisis.

Pretty amazing!

And then you remembered a Promise you’d made with your buddy over 28 years ago:

That if either of you won it, you’d SPLIT IT!

You promised on a handshake.  Not a contract, no lawyers involved, just a simple agreement between friends.

What would you do?

What kind of promise maker or promise breaker are you?

If you’re like Thomas Cook then you are the ULTIMATE Promise Maker, Keeper, and Friend.

According to reports, Cook called his Wisconsin fishing friend, Joseph Feeney, and gave him the news, to which Feeney said the now classic line: “Are you jerking my bobber?”


HERE and HERE are news links to the story, covered by outlets worldwide.  Video HERE:



This story set my heart aflame that there are people like this in the world.

$22 Million Lottery Winner, Thomas Cook splits it with best friend, Joseph Feeney, they decide to take a lump sum, after taxes, both walk away with $5.7 Million.

What a story.

Like Cook said, “A Handshake is a handshake.” 

How great is that?  The Promise is alive and well.

What would you do if this were you?

jason hewlett 

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The Promise


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4 thoughts on “Lottery What If…”

  1. THanks Jason, for the link to this amazing story!
    With THAT kind of excess, I hope we would all be as generous!

    1. I agree. But I’ve found that the more the is the harder it is to part with it. So we need to start by giving even when we have little!

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