Legendary Leaders are Readers & Writers

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What is the top need from today’s meeting professionals when they reach out to me to speak at their event? 

This is a summary of their typical needs after some explaining on a call:

“We need someone entertaining enough to engage our employees in a dark conference hall, but not too entertaining!…addressing jet lagged travelers while crossing all demographics, who are jaded and have seen every kind of speaker, who are bored of a lecturer and experts in our industry, but a speaker who seems like they are a part of our industry, and can pull attendees away from their phones by getting attention for at least the time you’re on stage, and help our audience feel connected to one another through laughter, while learning something, and becoming better leaders. 

You’ll have about an hour.”

OK – roger that.

Yes folks, miracles are requested and granted regularly  🙂

But seriously, how is it possible all of this can be met?  (here’s the video we send them to understand something of what we do on stage for an audience)


As I research why this skillset is such a challenge for an events professional to find among all of the available speakers (since I know about 25 speakers capable of this other-worldly skillset), I came across this question:

What is the skill that is missing in today’s search for great employees?

Goldman Sachs CEO, David Solomon, tells Yahoo Finance the answer is not what you might think.

“I’ll tell you one that we’re finding less and less inside the firm that I think is an important skill set…is an ability to write.

“How you communicate with other people, how you interact with other people, how you express yourself will have a huge impact on your success….academics and I.Q.  I think it’s way overweighted.  There should be equal emphasis on E.Q. (Emotional Intelligence) and how you interact with people, how you relate to people, and how you connect with people.

“And even in a world where more and more machines and technology are disrupting the way we do business and the way we all connect, a lot of the value is still created through human interaction and the ability to motivate people or get people to move in a direction with you.”

First off, I agree.

Writing, connecting, expressing, relating, communicating, human interaction, motivation

Look at those beautiful all-important words!

Only possible at an event, a conference, a well run meeting where we all come together and rub shoulders.  Welcome to my world.

Second, whether from the stage or in the workplace, the ability to write, express, connect and lead comes from those that have made it an unspoken promise to themselves to write, read, and grow their own capability to communicate in such a way.

My questions to you, dear Reader, are:

How much are you writing?  (do you Journal?  write a Blog?  send Handwritten Letters?  finally writing your Book?  Emails that are well-written and edited?) 

What are you reading?  (articles, books, blogs, listen to audiobooks, talks, for work and fun?)

In what ways are you communicating (see: your unique & effective “Signature Moves”) to become the Legendary Leader you need to be (see: Identify, Clarify, Magnify) in order to keep The Promise to the team you’re leading right now?

CLICK HERE for a few suggestions to begin the Process.


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