Laughter at 2 A.M.

I am awakened by a sound that is not normal for this time of night.

Laughter at 2 A.M.

Is it outside my window?  Is someone breaking into my car or house?  Maybe toilet-papering the trees?  No, that’s not a thing anymore, that stuff is too valuable to waste.

Jumping from my bed I briskly run upstairs and hear it coming from my oldest son’s room.

Pressing my ear to the door I can tell what’s going on: Video Games.

He must be online with his buddies and it is WAY past the allowed time, he should be done for the night.

Quick scan of the floor I notice something odd – lights on in all rooms, beds missing other children.

Hmmm.  Seems someone is having a party at 2 A.M.

As a parent what do you do?


Backstory: We had 4 kids in 5 years.  The first three arrived in 26 months.  They are now 14, 13, 12.

The eldest, our daughter, sleeps as far away as possible from the boys, on another floor altogether.  We tried keeping them in the same place but she broke away around the age of 11.

Now there are 3 boys, 13, 12 and the little dude, 8.

Our youngest was welcomed by his older siblings for the first few months of his life.

It’s been a struggle ever since.

He’s the most popular person in the neighborhood among kids ages 5-15, but not to his older brothers who want nothing to do with him.

It is normal to have in-family challenges like these, and it is normal for it to break a parent’s heart.

We have begged the older boys to be nice and play with little brother.

Never happens.  Or if it does, it never ends well.

So there’s your backstory…


Laughter at 2 A.M.  Mid-summer night.  No plans tomorrow.

I throw open the door and shout, “Hubbbleebuloobbeehahaha!”

The boys scream.

I see them all playing a video game.  Together.  Happy and laughing.

They look at me – terrified they’re in trouble.

I say, “Hey guys, it’s pretty late… to be so loud… but looks like you’re having fun… together.  As you were.”

I close the door.

They yell, “Love you, Daddy!” 

Love you, my sons.

Play on!

As long as there’s laughter at 2 A.M.


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