Garbage in Escalante


When I receive emails like the one you’re about to read, it about makes my heart explode with joy!

(I also know, that for every one email I receive, there are potentially hundreds that didn’t share their story of doing good, which is the same as comments on a video, blog, or other.  So, please share!) 

In other words, if you share your story with me about you Keeping The Promise, I very well may ask if I can share it with my readers and friends! 

Such is the case with Jarom Watts and his email that knocked me out, and I’m sure will be a story his young son will tell for years.

Well done, Jarom, and thank you for inspiring me, and our readers, with your Promise kept story!

~ jason


Email received: 10-5-2020

Hi Jason!

Thank you for your commitment to sharing weekly messages and also publishing your new book recently.
I met you a couple of years ago at the NSA meeting Dan Thurmon presented at (you sat down in front of me) and then about a year after that when you did an event in Farmington.
I bought your book “The Promise To The One” and hope to read it soon (although I’ve skimmed through some of the stories already).
One of them had a big impact on me, your story about going back to scoop your dog’s “mess” off the lawn.
I was driving through Escalante National Monument on Hwy 12 a few weeks back with my son to go visit some state parks, when I noticed a large bag of trash on the side of the road (pictured above).
I told myself that I would stop to pick it up when we drove back through that area.
Several hours later, when driving back, I had almost forgotten about it, and certainly didn’t remember where on the road it was exactly, but I saw the bag of trash was still there.
There wasn’t anywhere for me to quickly stop and pull over or easily turn around.
As I drove further away from the bag of trash your story came to my mind and prompted me to recall the promise I made to myself to pick up the bag of trash.
About a mile down the road I found a place to turn around and go back which was a great feeling and a good teaching moment with my oldest son in the car.
Thanks again for being a great example!
Great work, Jarom!  And thank you for sharing and inspiring us.

jason hewlett 

Leadership Coach * Virtual Keynote Speaker * Speaker Hall of Fame

The Promise To The One

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8 thoughts on “Garbage in Escalante”

  1. It is a great story and a wonderful reminder about the commitments )promises) we make to ourselves, The work you are doing is raising my consciousness in this area.
    Keep up the good work, Jason.

    1. Thank you so much Larry! Means a great deal coming from you. I hope all is well with performing and all you’re doing!

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