Five $1 Lottery Tickets


What do people say about you when you’re not there?

Are you the type of person who buys FIVE $1 Lottery Tickets every day and hands them out to random people who do their job well as you interact with them?

Keep reading to learn about this fascinating person who lives The Promise named Dr. Louis Sportelli!

The Promise to be uniquely you, and spreading your goodness, is how you will be thought of and remembered.

Do you make people laugh?

Do you make people think?

Do you do anything at all that is memorable?

I remember the first time I was trying to come up with a parody to the classic song, “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole and daughter, Natalie Cole.

Eventually I decided to just sing it straight because I didn’t want to ruin this beautiful song for everyone forever – as I have with all the parodies I have created.

You’re welcome!



The story goes that I had just failed, for the umpteenth time, to remember a person’s name that I saw nearly every week but couldn’t capture it in my brain.

I absolutely could not associate anything to this person that could help me remember them (which sounds terrible to admit, but I speak the truth!).

The following words came to me in relation to the consistent incident, with the tune of the song humming in my mind:

“You’re forgettable…that’s what you are.  

Unforgettable, you never are.  

That’s why darling, it’s incredible, how someone so forgettable, makes me want to be unforgettable, too.”

Ok, well, it’s a brutal parody now as I re-type this, I hadn’t thought about this in years until this moment!  I mean that’s just downright mean…

But when I was in my early 20’s that was how I was thinking:

How can I be NOT like this guy?  How can I be UNFORGETTABLE?


The following newsletter story was sent to me from my Dad, John Hewlett, a story shared by his friend, the successful filmmaker, Jeff Hays.

I hope you enjoy this unforgettable story as much as I did regarding the legend of Dr. Louis Sportelli.


I have a mentor named Louis Sportelli who built a successful chiropractic practice in a very small town in Pennsylvania. He ended up serving as chairman of the American Chiropractic Association as well as the primary malpractice insurance company for chiropractors. Without a doubt, he was the single most powerful voice in the chiropractic profession.

Soon after I met him, I got a thank you note in the mail, and then a month later a book with a sticker in it: from the library of Louis Sportelli, signed to Jeff Hays. He’d send a letter along with it saying why he thought it might be interesting to me. Over the next several years, I averaged a book from Louis once every two to three months with a handwritten note: “Hey, thinking of you. This book reminded me of you, thought you would like it.” 

I’m well known for never wearing a tie, but one year on my birthday, a package arrived with a Brioni tie inside, a very expensive Italian designer brand. Louis had pulled it out of the box and tied it, then put it back in the box with a note: “Jeff, I took this out and tied it because I know you don’t know how to tie one of these things.”

He doesn’t do this only with me. He does it with everyone. Every high school student who graduated in his town in Pennsylvania got a book from Louis called 1,001 Careers with a note made out to the graduate, saying, “Congratulations on graduating from high school. It proves you can finish something. You notice in the book I underlined chiropractic. I don’t want to steer you one direction or another, but if you’re ever interested in that career, call me and I’d be happy to tell you my experience. I wanted to send you this just to congratulate you for your accomplishment.” He did this for decades. 

Every day, Louis buys five $1 lottery tickets. When the guy at the car wash does a great job, when somebody smiles at the grocery store, he captures their name and sends them a note with a lottery ticket: “Hey, thank you for doing such a great job on my car. I hope you win a million bucks.” 

Can you imagine the effect? This is how you build a multi-million-dollar practice in a small town—one relationship at a time. The income he earns, that’s money. But the relationships? That’s wealth.


How are YOU unforgettable?

Even the simplest, smallest actions that seem insignificant can be HUGELY memorable moments for those you customize your connection with.


When you consistently connect with others due to your unforgettable commitment, the compounding effect will create countless celebrations of your character.


Today’s Promise Prompt:

What ONE ACTION do you utilize daily to be unforgettable, like Dr. Sportelli?

If nothing comes to mind, what do you Promise to Commit to today in order to become that person?

Please share below and inspire all of us!

~ jason


Promise Institute Founder * Virtual Keynote Speaker * Speaker Hall of Fame

Author of “The Promise To The One”

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10 thoughts on “Five $1 Lottery Tickets”

  1. Jason, loved your story on “Unforgettable.” (And your performance!) I also performed part of that song in my act years ago–and it was the only song I did that was NOT a parody. But my goal was still laughs! The setup was ‘Thank goodness Natalie Cole’s father was Nat King Cole. Imagine if her father had been Jerry Lewis. The song would have sounded very different.’ And then I sang the first two lines of the song, as originally written, the first as Natalie, the second as Jerry Lewis. The bit was all of 30 seconds, but it was one of my favorite pieces to perform.

    1. David – this is amazing. Wish I could hear it. I love that you do this and love your parodies! Give your family my best.

  2. First and foremost, the “duet” you sang was remarkable. You are using your gifts well!
    Since the pandemic, I send minimum of 2 emails to individuals I haven’ seen and yet like to acknowledge some of the gifts they bring to the world and how I have been blessed by them.

  3. Yes, all the Prophets and Apostles That I have met for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -Day Saints have a very special countenance and peace about them.
    I will never forget the special experience I had one time. President Dieter F. Uchtdorf (he was one of the First Presidency at the time) was leaving a medical building where I was delivering the mail. He was getting in his car when he caught a glimpse of me. He got out of his car, motioned his driver to wait a minute, approached me and extended his hand. He looked me in the eyes, shook my hand, thanked me for my service and expressed appreciation for what I did every day. There was something unforgettable about his spirit. It was comforting & peaceful in an enormous fashion. So strong I can feel it every time I picture the event.
    Thank you today for bringing back this special memory for me.
    I try to look for the best in every situation and I try to be upbeat and positive.
    I hope to be better at showing gratitude to people who do amazing things In every day living to make life better for others without thinking of their own need.
    I also would like to feed my soul with nothing but goodness so that anyone who comes across my path can feel the light and no darkness that my countenance is unforgettable in an uplifting way as was Elder Uchtdorf.

    1. What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing. He is an amazing person – the Real Deal. As are you. Thank you for the good you do!

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