Finding Your Personal Legend


What are you meant to do in this life?  

What is your Personal Legend?

Santiago, the young shepherd, is happy with his current state of life at the beginning of the book, “The Alchemist”, but he is equally in search of a few things of importance, such as travel, treasure, and the girl.

Through a series of incredible, and even not so amazing events, he discovers his true purpose and Personal Legend, making for one of the best books you’ll ever read.

Have you discovered your Personal Legend, like Santiago?

Must you sell all you own and then lose what you earned, listen to gypsies, work in a crystal shop, join a caravan, cross the desert, get nearly killed multiple times, and then recross the same desert to return to a place you’ve already been, in order to discover yours?

If you haven’t read “The Alchemist” of late, Paulo Coelho’s masterpiece and one of the most beloved works of all-time is a must.  I hadn’t read it in over 20 years…and yet as I set out books for my children to read I found myself drawn once again to this classic novel.

Finding myself pondering my own Personal Legend it occurred to me that I have just written a book on the very same subject, process, and journey.  It’s no Alchemist, but it is the best I’ve got in me to give.

In the days since realizing such, I have been much more intentional about my living each day with profound purpose, and a drive to get the book in everyone’s hands.

Initially I wrote “The Promise To The One” as a book for my legacy, for my family, as a keepsake.  I did not know if it would resonate with anyone, and so I wrote as if I may be one of the few that would ever read it.

Thankfully along our Personal Legend journey we are blessed with mentors, those who see in our work something greater than just keeping it within the confines of our private portfolios, and many are now champions of my writing.

It is another level of discovery for me as I continue to evolve my Personal Legend.  

I call one’s Personal Legend their Signature Moves and ultimate Promise.  All of this wording works and can inspire even the most distraught, calloused, cynical, and downtrodden.

So I ask again –

What is your Personal Legend?

Or, what are your Signature Moves and do you yet know what your Promise is?

I know mine.

I can guarantee any person who opens the book and puts in the very minimal effort to do the exercises will absolutely find theirs.  I have no doubt.  And it will change your life, make you happier, more fulfilled, and your journey will change, no question. 

You can read “The Alchemist”, and I recommend it forever, and you can read “The Promise To The One”.  The answer is in both books.

One is the journey of Santiago, one is my journey.

Both books help the reader discover their own journey.

I hope you’ll take the time, make the investment, have the courage, to join either of Santiago or me in discovering yours.


jason hewlett 

Leadership Expert * Virtual Keynote Speaker * Speaker Hall of Fame

The Promise

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2 thoughts on “Finding Your Personal Legend”

  1. I am looking at the Alchemist on the bookcase across from me. At your suggestion, I will reread it. I am looking forward to ordering your book on the 18th. ( so excited for that.

    Is there a possibility of ordering a signed copy?

    Exciting times.
    Blessings, Louise

    1. Oh Louise, you are forever the incredible support. Thank you. Yes, I love The Alchemist and hope you enjoy it this time through, it seems to speak differently every time I’ve gone through it. And of course I’ll get you a signed copy of my book ;). Thank you!

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