Famous Fans of Jason Hewlett

  • Chad Hymas, CSP, CPAE Professional Speaker
    “Jason Hewlett is one of the most entertaining, inspiring presenters I’ve ever seen. Gets better every time I see it. My whole family is Jason groupies.”
  • Allison Baver, Olympic Medalist
    “You’re funny, inspiring, and just took control of the stage. That was so cool to see you work. Thank you for the backstage prep help and the huge introduction.”
  • Hank Smith, Best Selling Author & Speaker
    “The stories, mixed with inspiration, and humor, voices, characters…incredible.”
  • Bruce Turkel, Owner TURKEL Brands & Speaker
    “If there’s such a thing as another life, I want to come back as Jason!”
  • Jeanne Robertson, CSP, CPAE Legendary Humorist
    “If I could do those faces I’d pull a muscle! What a talented, outstanding performer and person.”
  • James Lawrence, The Iron Cowboy 50-50-50
    “You are ridiculous as a Speaker, Coach, Entertainer. How does someone get this good?”
  • Jeff Civillico, Las Vegas Headliner, Flamingo
    “I consider him a mentor and a leader in the industry. If he wanted to have a show in Vegas he’d be the hottest ticket in town. Instead, he chooses to do a few corporate dates and be home with his family. Jason is one of my heroes.”
  • Lou Heckler, CSP, CPAE, Speech Coach of the Stars
    “You are gifted, hard working, a little nutty, and very humble. You have so much to offer with your message, thank you for letting me be a part of your journey.”
  • Joe Lake, Co-Founder, Children’s Miracle Network
    “Having booked the late great Danny Gans for years on our telethon, I never felt there could be anyone who could hold a candle to him. Jason Hewlett is the closest I’ve seen, and one of the best in the world.”
  • Les Brown, Legendary Speaker
    “Give Jason Hewlett a standing ovation. He is so gifted. I wish he could introduce me to the stage every time. I need to take him on the road!”
  • Mark Layton, Founder, Best of State
    “Please return to Best of State every year, you are a favorite of our audience and the show isn’t the same without you awarding the Best in Arts & Entertainment category.”
  • Mark O. Haroldsen, Author & Speaker
    “Talented, entertaining, crazy, while being inspiring, profound, and sincere. Jason is the ultimate performer and a dear friend.”
  • Marie Osmond & Olivia Newton-John
    “Can we get a picture with you? That was one of the most incredible performances I’ve ever seen! Who are you?”
  • Mike Rayburn, CSP, CPAE Speaker
    “Jason Hewlett just killed it at the Speaker Showcase, still not sure how he does that with his face.”
  • Coach Bobby Knight
    “I’ve coached a lot of very talented young men, but I’ve never seen anyone with the talent you have. Keep doing what you’re doing, especially the message about America and keeping it great, that changes lives.”
  • Thurl Bailey, Retired NBA Star & Speaker
    “You always make me laugh, and have since you were a kid.”
  • Bill Gates
    “Why have I never heard of you before? That was exceptional.”
  • Shawn Achor, Best-Selling Author
    “Who gets a standing ovation upon being introduced? That was the best introduction anyone’s ever given me. Jason, you are an incredible Emcee!”