Dishwasher Job at Assisted Living to See Spouse


What would you do in order to see your loved one?

This story made me consider all of the scenarios between lovers, partners, husband and wife.

It reminds me in a way of “The Notebook”, a movie I’ve been known to watch alone in hotels around the world while traveling…if it happens to be on TV (seriously, did you think I had it downloaded and watched it alone on my iPad?  What kind of person do you think I am?  Ok…actually, that’s where it is, on my iPad, so what?).

Imagine you’re trapped in the middle of a pandemic, your husband with early onset Alzheimer’s is in an Assisted Living Center, and you haven’t seen him in over 100 days, outside of the 2 attempts to talk through a window while he sobs in return?

What would you do?

You’re not the type of person that breaks into buildings illegally, although you may have wanted to a few times….

You would never cheat the system and make something up in order to get in….

Perhaps, like Mary Daniel did, you wrote the Governor of your State every single day asking for a reprieve in the order to allow family to visit.

And what I love about this story is that Mary never gave up on the chance to keep The Promise to her husband to be there for him “in sickness and in health”, and she did what had to be done.

A business-owner, a successful and powerful woman, she learned from a friend that a job had come up at the center.  Not in administration, not in management, not in the position someone might feel they have a right to receive at her level of professionalism…but rather that one job that most people get when they’re a kid as a first job in order to have gas money in high school:

The Dishwasher.

Yes, the business woman took the part-time, back breaking, tedious, and difficult manual labor job of dishwashing.

In order to see her husband, be there for him, and descend below so many things a business owner may feel above in order to keep a promise.

Nothing is below serving, loving, and being there for a loved one.

I love this story.

She even had to be drug tested, trained, COVID-tested, and do all it took to get the job.

Her respect for people in those jobs grew at the same time.

And she was able to see her husband again during a most challenging time.

Think about your own family.  Save doing something illegal, what would you be willing to do in order to keep The Promise to the One you Love?

Take a page from the story of Mary Daniel, a story of true love, a tale of Promise that serves as an example to us all.

This is The Promise of Family.


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The Promise


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8 thoughts on “Dishwasher Job at Assisted Living to See Spouse”

  1. Terri Lynne Keene

    Not only are you, Jason, one of the best of the best storytellers, but you share the very best of the best stories. Totally heartwarming, endearing and loving commitment. Can’t say enough about positive Good News! Thanks for sharing!

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