Brings a Tear to My Eye

Selfie at gig inside and warm


Selfie outside of gig in Budapest, freezing and amazed by the beauty of this city


This past week I was in Budapest speaking for the first time in my life.  What an incredible adventure!

The torture of sitting in the coach section of a plane when flying that long to save some money is only replaced by the torture a speaker puts themself through in order to be ready and feel worthy of giving a speech that justifies being asked to travel that far for a one hour keynote!

After a mastermind in Breckenridge, CO with fellow Hall of Fame Speakers earlier this month, I took the stage in Budapest, Hungary, filled with determination and terror to present my re-packaged, re-formulated keynote of The Promise.

The tears from audience members, along with the laughs, combined with languages from around Eastern Europe, made me realize following the lengthy standing ovation that the work had paid off.

The audience GOT IT.  They understood the message.  YES!

And yet, nothing of it was posted to social media.  Not anything posted from anyone that I saw.

That’s always something of a letdown in a social media age where everyone usually shares the wins of the day, and to not see any from my audience was a bit saddening…although I knew it was confirmed to have been a success from what everyone said in person.

As I see so many of my speaker friends with social media glory receiving accolades from audience attendees it has grown frustrating through the past few years to not have it end up online for me as well, as you’d assume it would be there.  Even when the in-person response is huge to not see it online is hard for me – just being honest.

Upon arriving home I saw the following posts online, and it made me well up.  Yes, I admit, this is what brings a speaker to tears.

To actually see an event planner say such things in Aaron’s comments, and then read Miriam’s comments about applying what she learned with her peers, well this is all someone from stage could ask for.




It’s one thing to have laughs, it’s another to get a standing ovation, it’s another level to talk with people in person as they hug and thank you for a presentation well done, and then it’s quite another for someone to take the time to post it online for the whole world to see that you affected them and they took it to their teams to apply it to business.

This is why I work so hard.

To have people apply The Promise and allow the ICM Process to improve their lives!

This is why I record every presentation and change it up ever so slightly, and even overall the entire thing completely.

This is why I’ll never stop getting better.

This is The Promise: To better The Performance.

How are you continuing to improve yours?



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10 thoughts on “Brings a Tear to My Eye”

  1. I just got back from Leverage 2020 where you were one of the presenters. First I want to thank you for the book. Until I read this post, I did not realize it had not been made available to the general public yet, so thank you for that. I can’t wait to get home and share the message of the “The Promise to the One”. When I started to read this post, I was hoping to get the answer to “What Makes a Speaker Cry?” Each of the speakers at Leverage 2020 had a time (or two or three) during their presentations when they got a little “verklempt”. I am not a speaker and have never experienced what you go through. Now I get it. When you put your whole self out there for the whole world to see and open your entire personal life and soul it makes you vulnerable and takes something out of you. The something that is transferred to us. Just like in the the Janis Joplin Song “Take another little piece of my heart”. Now I get it and I just wanted to let you know I received it and will carry it back to my family, friends and team. Thank you.

    1. Terry! What a beautiful comment and YES you get it! That is it. Thank you for this and hope you enjoy the book – you’re one of very few that have it, hope you enjoy and blessings to you in your efforts to live The Promise.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience in Budapest as well as the posts. I am excited for everyone involved.
    Your book looks great. I am excited to order one and read it, of course!
    Way to be!

  3. Jason – you always give your best and WOW your audiences. I am proud to know you and are thankful that you continue to honor your audiences. You have fans all over the world, especially in Hawaii.
    Nicki, Saf and Grace Keohohou

  4. Another beautiful post, Jason. Congratulations on your wonderful, hard-earned success. You continue to inspire me to get better.

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