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Dealing with The Haters

  Dealing with The Haters. How do you go about it? Pulling back the curtain for a moment here to go inside what’s behind a normal social media post…. Emotionally there’s always an initial sting to upload a video and then the next day see there are 8 views for

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The Promise of The Writer

  This is THE WEEK! Years in the making, and we finally have all worlds aligned for the launch of my life’s work: “The Promise

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Lottery What If…

  What if you WON THE LOTTERY? We are talking Millions of Dollars. On top of a Pandemic and world crisis. Pretty amazing! And then

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Happy 4th of July

  Did you know that I play guitar? Well, kind of. So, here’s a little guitar song for you, along with the reveal of my

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The Egg

  You are holding an egg. Carefully you have just taken it from the carton and go to crack it over the sizzling frying pan.

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