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Leaving the Seat Up

  My wife has been gone for a week. I miss her. The kids miss her. The dog Goldie misses Mommy so much I found her hitchhiking to find a new family. On the second day as we all came around to the reality of Mommy is actually gone, the

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General RV Review

You may be surprised that I would post something like this online.  I normally post nothing negative.  But The Promise to The Audience is just

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The RV Trip Promise

Kids are sleeping. It’s 2 AM here in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and my mind will not shut off. Two years ago, after

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This One Made Me Laugh

Some stories you just can’t make up.     I talk about the importance of loving one’s family, but also know not everyone is having

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The Promise of Family First

  Today Phil Mickelsen, in the prime of his illustrious golf career, has withdrawn from the the U.S. Open. Not due to weather. Not because

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Father Time 2.0

  Just in time for Father’s Day this weekend we have released my “Father Time” NEW recording, as completed at the VidAngel studios with DryBar

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What Kind of Parent Are You?

A man in his mid-60’s walked up following my Closing Keynote at a leadership conference in Colorado, with tears in his eyes, and said, “I

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