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When Billy Joel Didn’t Play The Piano Man

We’ve all been there: In the audience when a promise was made and then blatantly broken to us. The Boss who lured you to the new job with promise of promotion and more free time, only to see your climb up the ladder stopped as the workload fills your days

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Are You Stretching?

  As promised in past posts, I have finally been writing my book, “The Promise to The One”. In fact, I went to drastic measures,

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You Made This?

  Have you ever been to an art gallery, walked around casually observing the paintings, and then stumbled upon the sight of the artist at

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I Am The Parachute

  Phone rings, it’s a number I don’t recognize (probably another robocall, I seem to get 5-10 per day now!). “Hello, this is Jason,” I

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The Team Player Promise

  Awaiting my turn backstage I watched as an entire events team was freaking out, running back and forth, chatter on headsets, teleprompter operators with

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Happy Father Figure Day

  We must have been 12 years old when our scout troop first went skiing with our new Boy Scout’s scoutmaster Rick.  He seemed cool,

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Elton John – The Rocketman

  Have you seen the new movie “Rocketman“, about Sir Elton John? I haven’t seen the movie yet, but as someone who impersonated Elton John

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5 Summers

  “We have 5 Summers left, Honey”, I said to my little Ella, 13 years old.  “What do you want to do with this one?”

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