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Keep Going – A Tribute to Coach Tony Ingle

My best friend died of COVID-19 this week. My heart has ripped apart, consumed by grief, a fogginess clouding my brain ever since I received the news. Coach Tony Ingle got hit early December 2020 with the virus and called to tell me he wasn’t feeling so great.  As always,

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Would You Stop to Help?

  I admit it.  I’ve driven around accidents, messes, situations I’ve seen on the freeway, side streets, in canyons, and looked over to see if

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3-2-1 Liftoff!

  If you’ve ever launched something, whether it is a basketball shot, a new business, or the 2 Liter bottle rocket for your kid’s science

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The Promise of The Writer

  This is THE WEEK! Years in the making, and we finally have all worlds aligned for the launch of my life’s work: “The Promise

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Lottery What If…

  What if you WON THE LOTTERY? We are talking Millions of Dollars. On top of a Pandemic and world crisis. Pretty amazing! And then

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