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The Joy of Walking

  Come on a walk with me.  Let’s talk. There is great JOY in the morning walk, I’ve found, and hope you’ve so discovered as well. As summer comes to a close and a chill greets each morning, it has been a delight to have the morning walk fill this

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Happy 4th of July

  Did you know that I play guitar? Well, kind of. So, here’s a little guitar song for you, along with the reveal of my

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The Egg

  You are holding an egg. Carefully you have just taken it from the carton and go to crack it over the sizzling frying pan.

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The Shot

  “How did you do that Daddy?!” yelled my sons after I made yet another shot off of my head from the basketball spinning trickery.

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Are LIVE Events Back?

  As I walked into the auditorium it was surprising to see a group of friends gathered for a LIVE event. Seated as socially distanced

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A New Career

  “Wait a minute”, she shouted into the Zoom call, “I didn’t even know THAT was possible!?” Elated, she firmed up my appearance for her

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Laughter at 2 A.M.

I am awakened by a sound that is not normal for this time of night. Laughter at 2 A.M. Is it outside my window?  Is

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