Are You Stretching?


As promised in past posts, I have finally been writing my book, “The Promise to The One”.

In fact, I went to drastic measures, sequestered myself away in the mountains of Utah for a few days and cranked out nearly 52,000 words.

I pray they’re worth reading!  Actually, this book feels like it was sent to me as written from a higher place, so I’m thrilled with how it’s come along.

My beard is now only rivaled by Moses, played by Charlton Heston in the 10 Commandments, and upon returning home my family thought I was him coming down from the mountain…but I didn’t chuck any tablets at them.

The 1st draft of my book is off to the editor and I’m very pleased to have that monkey off my back, and having kept that promise to myself and to you.

But then I experienced something quite crippling: Having sat for so many hours, literally 5-8 hours per writing session, even a few days where I wrote for 18 hours pretty much straight, eventually my back spasmed and gave way to the point I was nearly unable to walk.  In fact, I had to crawl out of bed the past few days.

When I am in bed I become as a beetle on his back who can’t do anything but flail legs and arms, helpless, hoping anyone will come and pull me up.

I don’t remember having this kind of back pain and it’s horrendous.

So I went to the physical therapy/ chiropractor/ doctor place for some relief (I call it that because I don’t really ever go to the doctor).

They proceeded to show me stretches…yes, the same pathetic ones we didn’t want to do in P.E. as children in school, and I thought, “Wow, I’m paying for this?”

In fact, they weren’t even stretching where it hurt, come to think of it, they were stretching everything around the damaged spot.

And then I went home, still in pain.

And later in the evening, seriously, I was totally healed.

I was so thrilled I think I did a swan dive into my bed.

And then, at 4:40 AM, I woke up writhing once again in pain.

It was back and with a vengeance!

So I stretched like they taught me.  And I was able to move again and function another day.

Why the long and descriptive parable?

Well, that’s just how I talk and write and thanks for sticking with me on this one.

I just wonder how often you stretch?

Because personally, I think I hate physically stretching more than probably anything actually.

But I’m talking about mental stretching with this now, on your behalf.

What podcasts are you listening to? 

What books are you reading? 

What are your daily routines of improvement and helping yourself get better?

Just like the doctor who didn’t merely attack the pain, and instead made me stretch all around it, in all likelihood you are probably just addressing the pain when it hits, a skill unlearned, a challenge before you, without keeping The Promise and stretching in all areas in order to prevent, or even, heal yourself.

I’m guilty, too.  Had I realized I hadn’t stretched before sitting in a comfy seat to write my book, and had I noticed my back was going to be hurting due to the way I was sitting, I would have done ANYTHING to prevent this!

So here’s the solution for both of us –

Years ago I created a learning course that has changed the lives and careers of many people looking to become speakers on stage.  It sells for hundreds of dollars, while helping people get to 6-figures, so the pricing was already crazy low.

But for the next month you can get it for FREE.

As well as about 100 other courses by amazing trainers and your help is needed before the official launch, if you want to sign up to be a Beta Tester for the platform where my online course now resides, along with those of other successful teachers who will help you with a collection of the many things you’ve probably needed to learn and haven’t taken the time to for life, business, and general overall learning.

Introducing The Eclectic Entrepreneurs! 



Give yourself a gift and check it out, HERE’S THE LINK, as I will be stretching and creating multiple courses that will be offered there in the future.

I’d love to offer you this opportunity to see you stretch, improve, and educate yourself, along with thousands of others who are enjoying this amazing platform before it actually lunches to the world, and I believe this is going to be a game-changing platform.  The amazing Heidi Totten has put this into motion, she is a world-changer and stretches everyone she works with.

I Promise: It’s stretching me, I hope you’ll make a Promise to let it stretch you, and join me in this new adventure.

Question is: Are You Stretching?




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