Are You a Legendary Performer?

Steve Martin & Martin Short Show with Jeff Civillico and friends



I can’t stop laughing and need to breathe!

To my right is my wife and her best friend & husband, to my left is Las Vegas Headliner Jeff Civillico and his girlfriend.  We are all gasping for air as the laughter doesn’t come in waves, rather a tsunami.

Martin Short is ripping up the stage while Steve Martin plays along.  The entire Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas is screaming, slapping their knee, and clapping.

This is what legends do on stage.  They keep a promise to their audience and deliver at the highest level.  This is why they are legendary performers.  This is why you pay a price for tickets you wouldn’t otherwise for anything else.

See Steve Martin & Martin Short in concert if you have any opportunity – here’s their schedule

This is my second time seeing this show in 8 months.  We drove 7 hours to see this performance.  Totally worth every minute.

Steve Martin & Martin Short Show Las Vegas 2018


Are you a legendary performer in your business?  Here’s how you can be:


  1. Be You – Yes, this is coming from a guy who impersonates others.  But seriously, what is it that makes you unforgettable?  You’ve got it.  Something everyone expects, hopes, and loves to see, that’s why they come back, that’s your Signature Move.  That is why we paid for tickets to see, as they termed it, “An Evening You Will Forget For The Rest of Your Life”.  Here’s one of my signature routines:
  2. Go All Out 100% – Even as Martin Short & Steve Martin crest the age of 70, they did not rest on their laurels and fame in these performances.  The show I saw 8 months ago was updated with 45 minutes of new material in a 120 minute experience.  That is extraordinary.  That is why they are legendary.  How do you give 100% in your performance, no matter how tired or on your game you are?  Another video for thought:
  3. Engage Your Audience – It’s one thing to do a monologue, yet quite another to watch a legend play to the crowd.  Asking for volunteers to help them re-enact the 3 Amigos’ famous Signature Move, three men were plucked from the crowd.  All wearing shorts and dressed quite sloppily they are asked, “If this is what you wear to the theatre, what do you wear bowling?”  Suddenly the fun begins as everyone plays along.  Engagement with our customers, acknowledging the reality of their needs and your way of delivering value, all of this makes you a legendary performer.


What an unforgettable night we had, enjoying the laughs from these legends.  It is cool to think I too, in my much smaller less movie famous way, have the opportunity of bringing such laughs to those audiences needing a break from the regular lecture or speaker, as we know when we’re laughing we’re learning, and there’s no better way to deliver a message.



How are you a legendary performer in your business?


~ jason

Jason Hewlett, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, Keynote Speaker for the largest corporate events in the world. His primary message, The Promise, is essential for Leadership, Management, Sales, Marketing, Direct-Sales Companies, and is a combination of engagement and entertainment meets inspiration.  Jason has even received standing ovations from IT guys.  He has been acknowledged as life-changing by Conference Attendees, C-Level Executives and Hollywood Elite.

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  1. Paul Jones

    Jason, I read Martin Short’s memoir “I Must Say,” Steve Martin’s “Born Standing Up” and Billy Crystal’s “Still Foolin’ ‘Em’ in quick succession. All are wonderful in their own way.

    Crystal’s book is about 65 percent material and it’s very funny, but not especially memorable.

    Steve Martin’s book is a masterclass on how to become an overnight success in about 20 years.

    But I learned the most from Short’s book. It’s very funny, but there’s plenty of pathos as well. And he has a paragraph in the book that’s easy to read right through if you’re not careful, but explains why he was so good in Vegas and also different than he was in Salt Lake City.

    “…that experience, of me submitting tons of material beforehand, only some of which got used on the show is not atypical. I’ve become known as a performer who obsessively over-prepares, even for a talk-show appearance. The guest spots I do unfold loosely, but not without careful preparation–I always send ahead pages upon pages of material, their gist being, ‘What if the host asked me this? Might that be a rich, fruitful area where the two of us will find common ground and have a good TV moment?’”

    All kinds of rising stars and starlets from the latest and hottest shows and movies come on Cobert and Fallon and Kimmel and do little more for their segment than show up. But enduring stars like Bill Murray, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Martin Short do more than show up, they bring it.

    • Jason Hewlett

      SUCH a great comment! Having read these books as well you are right. I love this paragraph and glossed over it too, thank you for sharing here. it is amazing to watch the real Legends!

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