April 26, 2020


Hello My Friend!

It’s been an interested 6 weeks, hasn’t it?


Do be fair, I don’t want to read one more newsletter about anything.

I’m sure you don’t either.

But, you’ve signed up for this and I want to send you what’s valuable and worth reading.

What I sent at the beginning of the quarantine was not what was resonating.


So I’m asking you – What would you want from me at this time?




Family stuff?

Checklists and ideas to stay happy at this time?

Nothing to click on? 😂

You tell me!  It’s my Promise to The One, which is YOU, to deliver what you need at this time. 

Message me here, there, anywhere, and I’ll send what I can.


Here’s a video if you want to spend 5 minutes in my home office – looks pretty nice if I do say so myself (this is what years of hobby collecting cameras, lights, sound and 18 hour days during a quarantine will get you).


In the meantime, my blessings and prayers and love with you.

Your Friend

~ jason


Leadership Expert * Virtual Keynote Speaker * Speaker Hall of Fame

The Promise


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