Yesterday I sent a post out about a very sad dream I had regarding our family dog.

It was a devastating dream, and very vivid, but thankfully was just a warning that me as a dad, and our children, needed to be a bit more present, loving, and helpful with our sweet Goldie.

Unfortunately the way I wrote the post, and sent it out to my readers, has upset a great deal of friends, family, and others.

In no way did I mean to play with emotions in the way it appeared. I wrote the post quickly before sending it and was not clear headed. I should have run it by a few trusted friends before hitting send, but I didn’t. I have no excuses.

I take full responsibility for it.

I received a few texts from loved ones saying I had fooled them pretty good with the way it was written…and then we laughed about it that my story was all a dream, and I thought that was the end of it.

But then I have received some strong messages, and one call in particular just now from a very dear friend, who let me know that the post was not appropriate, and I appreciate that kind of feedback from someone willing to reach out and help me see what I obviously didn’t.

I have taken the post down, although it was a powerful and vulnerable lesson for our family, and I should have kept it that way, and I’m very sorry to have shared it.

Some are saying it was written as clickbait and to drive clicks.

The truth is, everyone wants to have people click the button to “read more”, and in this case, I chose the wrong place to put that button, and it has hurt those close to me for how it came across.  The story was only resolved if you clicked the button and read the whole post, which was a mistake on my part.

I am very sorry to anyone out there I have offended.

I promise to do better.

I realize more and more that people are reading and sharing these posts even when I wonder how many are, due to the very few comments each of my posts get, compared to the large amount of subscribers I have on this platform. Candidly, I missed the mark on this post in trying to get reactions and comments, for which I am very sorry.

Having gone about a decade without missing a Sunday post, I will continue writing, sharing, and learning how best to write and share, and if I have lost your trust with this last post then I am very sad about that and apologize.

For those willing to do so, I hope you’ll stick with me. But if not, I understand, and am sorry to have lost you here, and truly wish you the best as we all strive to live The Promise despite all the mistakes made along the way.

This one was a big mistake by me.

I’m sorry it hurt people I love.


Jason Hewlett

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8 thoughts on “Apology”

  1. It was heartbreaking to hear about your little dog and from your blogs I could not imagine your family not knowing or seeming to care where your little Goldie was at, so of course I was so relieved to hear it was only a dream. Thank you for sharing your story, it is a reminder for all of us to not get so wrapped up in our lives that we forget to check on our loved ones.

  2. Hi Jason – I read your posts all the time but have never commented (I rarely comment on any social media forums – I don’t get on social media much). I wasn’t at all offended by your post about Goldie. In fact, I really liked it and it gave me some good insight and thought about our dog and the lack of attention he gets. We have committed to do better! I appreciate you sharing your experiences and insights. They are thought-provoking and I usually learn something from them.

    Keep them coming!

  3. I’m sorry people sent you negative remarks about a post that should have hit home with all of us. It made you think, which should always be the objective.

  4. I understand living The Promise to mean taking the high road when a misunderstanding has happened. The high road may mean clarifying, correcting, or rectifying the situation that created the misunderstanding. In this case, Jason, you have done all three. This is what leaders do. This is the power of living a promise. Proud of you brother.

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