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To say I was stunned by the email from my publisher, the day after my new book launched, is an understatement.

The day of the launch, I was just happy the Kindle version opened on my phone, as I shared in this quick video!



To be candid, I had just finished writing in my Journal the morning after the launch of my eBook during the pandemic, figuring very few, if any, had purchased “The Promise To The One”.

We did a very soft launch, not wanting to SELL too much to anyone during this challenging time, even though we feel EVERYONE should have this book, and hoped to have just enough people buy it for it to maybe show up on a list like:

“You Have a Book” kind of list…

Instead, I closed the Journal after having written, “Well, I guess I’ll open my laptop now and just hope it’s not embarrassing when I ask the publisher how yesterday went.”  

To my complete shock the first email in my inbox said:

“Congratulations, You’re #1 on Amazon!” 

I fell off my couch.

Let me be clear – it was not #1 on Amazon overall.  So, to those who judge and say it’s no big deal, I understand where you’re coming from.

What made my very excited and pleased was this category is exactly where the book is meant to be, and it resonated with this crowd this one day:



Screenshot from my Phone


I’ll never forget May 13, 2020, as our eBook launch day, and on my Dad’s Birthday.

And I’ll never forget May 14, 2020 as the day I sat at #1 on AMAZON for one day, in a category I’m very proud to be in.

Many thanks to my Family for their help in getting this book to the world.

So many thanks to Sound Wisdom, my amazing Publisher, for all they’ve done.

And of course a trillion Thanks to those all around the world who grabbed the eBook during this special pandemic pricing moment, as the hard cover will arrive in mid-August 2020, and we are very excited.



Very happy indeed!


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The Promise

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