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Jason Hewlett defies description.

Take Hall of Fame Speaker status, combined with Award-Winning Las Vegas Entertainment, content that moves The Audience emotionally to amplify your ROI, take-aways that stay, comedy & music to engage, educate & entertain, and you have the most extraordinary Keynote Speaker Experience in the World in Jason Hewlett.

“I just saw Jason Hewlett deliver an amazing keynote. That was one long and well deserved standing ovation.”

Rita Craig, Top Tier Leadership

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Jason’s core messages have always been about Engagement.

In the beginning, to engage disinterested and jaded Las Vegas audiences to enjoy the show. Then to inspire in schools, to help both teachers & students embrace their gifts and commitments to one another. Now in organizations, businesses & associations to help leaders, team members & professionals truly connect to the mission through The Engagement Experience.

When we engage in The Promise

Customers become Raving Fans, Employee Engagement is exponentially energized, sales increase, career and life satisfaction ignites. Jason is an award-winning keynote speaker who will deliver messages that accomplish your mission.

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