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My Confession You Didn’t See Coming

  For the past few years I have been re-branding my career, message, and performance at a dizzying pace.  It has been one of the most rewarding and challenging times of my life. The main question I receive from friends, family, and anyone who knew me before I became known as the ‘Entertaining Speaker who talks about Leadership and Promises’ is this: “If you’re now only a ‘Speaker’, then are you doing any entertaining, singing or impressions anymore?”  For those that have seen me as a Keynote Speaker at your conference you may laugh at this, because you’ve seen how
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First Class Upgrade

  What Would You Do?    Upgraded from Coach to First Class on my flight to Atlanta and sat in my big comfy seat. Woman seated beside me hands her special pillow to the man passing us, as her husband walks by and sits behind us. In Coach. I asked, “Is that your husband?” She said, “Yes”.  Turning around I said, “Sir, do you mind if we trade seats so you can sit with your lovely bride?” You would have thought I handed him a $1,000 check. Grateful and shocked he sat next to his wife in First Class while
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The Broken Promise of MoviePass

  Not one to say told ya so, but I remember the first time I heard about MoviePass. Sounded too good to be true. For a very low monthly membership fee of $9.95, you could see one movie per day in the theatre! Friends of mine flocked to COSTCO and online to get this latest and greatest promise. Eventually friends started receiving notice that this was not sustainable for the company and the rules changed. When the expectation is set, and then the result changes midstream, that is called a broken promise in business. This was the ultimate example of
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