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The Promise of Appreciation

  How many times have you been on a plane and thought, “I sure hope this pilot doesn’t succeed today!” Hmmm.  Probably never. As a Dad I rarely recall thinking, “I hope on Christmas Day on our 2-week vacation to Kauai the kids will ask, ‘Why didn’t Santa bring us more presents this year?'” (yes, this happened last year. Ouch.) As a Speaker and Performer I don’t recall the last time I was like, “Dang, the audience is laughing hysterically again?  Taking notes about what I’m saying?  Another standing ovation?  How sick can I get of these?” Yeah, that just
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How’d He Get In The Speaker Hall of Fame?

                          “Your son has some, well…. challenges,” the teacher began. “Such as,” asked the mother. “Well, reading is an issue in multiple areas, especially out loud and comprehension.  Same with math, the concepts just aren’t working in his mind.  His writing is compromised and his handwriting is illegible.  He seems fine with social skills and making friends, but we are a bit concerned he is doing odd things with his face and mouth which are distracting to others,” she continued. “What can we do to help him?” the mother inquired. “We recommend
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Jim Carrey: The Most Unappreciated Actor Ever

  Sully is now in theaters receiving rave reviews!  With the movie Philadelphia, and then Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks made the unprecedented transition in a little over a decade from comedies such as Bosom Buddies, Money Pit, and The Man with One Red Shoe, to two-time Oscar-Winner (1994-1995), quickly regarded as one of the most respected actors of a generation. The jump took a bit longer (20 years) for Robin Williams, as he transitioned into Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting (1998, Oscar-Winner), all the way from a legendary stand-up career, to Mork & Mindy, Popeye, and
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