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Quantity Time vs. Quality Time

The honor of my life is to be a Dad. Over the years I have restructured my entire existence around one concept: Quality Time vs. Quantity Time as a Dad. I used to swoop in for the big moments of my children’s lives to say I was there, using the phrase “Quality Time” as my cover while chasing financial success, hiding behind my favorite hobbies, and just being busy. But then something flipped in my brain when I realized even that Quality Time was compromised by my mind being elsewhere, my heart not in it even when I was present.
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The New Web Site – The Promise

Welcome to The New Web Site – The Promise The Promise is the “Jason Hewlett Brand”, it is the new push we are going with, the wording we have searched for as a team, finally properly defined, after 16 years of working on it. The Promise is all encompassing of every message you’ve heard me give: Signature Moves: How To Stand Out in a Sit Down World Limitless Head to Heart Commitment to Joy The Show: Live in Las Vegas & Father Time Under the umbrella of one word, PROMISE, you get all that I’ve ever spoken on, performed for,
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